Direct Mail for Direct Results

Posted by on Oct 23, 2012 in Direct Mail
Direct Mail for Direct Results

Business owners today are struggling to keep customers and stay profitable. Tighter marketing budgets have brought about the need for more creative tactics, while making sure businesses see positive results. Marketing techniques such as direct mail benefit both the consumer and producer or supplier.

Gone are the days when a company’s good name was all they needed to be rolling in dough. Businesses seem to close almost as quickly as they open, and finding a way to attract and keep customers has become an imperative part of any business plan. Pinching pennies for both the consumer and business owner is standard practice in today’s economy. Direct mail advertising can provide a way for both ends of the spectrum to save money and thrive.

Coupons for specific merchandise or services, fliers announcing new products or store opening and advertisements about upcoming sales, are all ways for a business owner to get the message out to the public. The need for families to budget for basic necessities like groceries and personal care products is on the rise, which in turn has increased the use of coupons. Along with items they use every day, consumers are looking for special deals in their city’s dining and entertainment venues. Transportation costs have slowed down travel, with many people staying in their local area for vacations or even a night out on the town. These savvy spenders often wait for a coupon or discount before trying a new restaurant, store or service.

Service industries, traditionally fairly recession proof, find themselves competing for every dollar. Having a coupon in hand when spending money at your business, allows the customer to know they are getting a deal, and lets you see your marketing dollars at work. With fewer people are reading their local newspaper, pulling a postcard directly from their mailbox, containing information about a new service or restaurant in their neighborhood, makes smart advertising sense.

Postcards, fliers and advertisements can all be sent right through the US postal service. Utilizing direct mail allows the business owner to use bulk-rate mail services, which cuts the costs of getting the message out to their customers, and is more reasonable than newspaper or television advertising. The ability to target specific markets in your community that will be interested in your product or service is an added benefit. Knowing your business is of interest to those in the senior community or a neighborhood close by, using direct mail gives you the ability to get the information to the consumers who will be most likely to give you their business.

Competition for customers is fierce and people tend to stick with what they are familiar with, but the use of coupons found right in their mail, can help a new business owner or one offering extra services a way to entice the consumer to give them a try.

Consumers are looking for deals, and getting your business information, coupons and savings delivered right into their hands can be a smart choice.